‘Super Me!’ Program Creating Super Me Kids


NASSAU, Bahamas —  At one time or another, every child has wanted to be a super hero or a super version of themselves. Now children in public primary schools across The Bahamas have the opportunity to become “super” kids by participating in a program called “Super Me!”


Super Me!, founded in 2008 by Cori Ashley, Kevin Ferguson and others of Global Shifts, is an internationally acclaimed interactive character-building program for children at the primary school level. It works upon a foundation of our inherent abilities to love, learn, connect, communicate and, when self-motivated appropriately, to succeed. Its aim is to build self-confident children who can grow to become a positive shift in the world. Super Me! focuses less on the students’ errors and more on their successes. The program thrives on positive action and life lessons, celebrating the children while teaching them that “their lives matter.” This program of constant reinforcement of success is not only educational, but also allows for mentally and psychologically positive transformation.


All of the Super Me! activities cater to children’s natural abilities, creativity and sense of fun. Every activity, which usually runs for 15 minutes, attempts to emphasize the student’s talents and ends with a morale-boosting message of how “Super!” that student is for completing the activity.

Examples of Super Me! activities include:

  • “Super Me! Super School Celebration” where students can draw and create their school’s end of year celebration. After utilizing their natural creative talents, the students are asked what they created and how they used their leadership, marketing and teamwork skills, and all the other parts of “them” to make the celebration.
  • “Making Great Waves!” where students write thank-you letters to those who have affected them throughout their lives. It teaches the students about the importance of gratitude and thanking those around us, be it our parents, teachers, neighbors, policemen, firemen or anyone else they feel has helped them in their life. This activity encourages the act of “paying it forward,” where the recipient of the letter will be encouraged to pay the kindness forward and give gratitude to someone else.
  • The official “Super Me! Dance” allows students to express their joy, positivity and “Super Powers” in a fun and tangible way. The lyrics speak of “believing” in yourself and striving to be “who you want to be” in life, reinforcing the children’s acceptance of their “Super” selves.

Super Me! not only caters to children, but also provides programs for teachers, parents, care givers and school administrators to use with their children outside of the classroom.


One of Super Me!’s key messages is: what you send out is what you create more of. What they call “the ripple effect,” is the core of their vision: creating “super” children who will make a positive shift in the world. By ingraining such positive concepts into children’s minds at a young age, it will create more positive paths for their future so that they can grow to become confident people who strive to help their communities. With the right confidence and motivation, these children have a better chance of achieving their goals and thriving in society.


Encouraging results have already been seen in schools using Super Me! across The Bahamas, with a positive increase in participation, self-esteem, conflict resolution, attitude and respect. “The dreams and super powers were revealed and spoken aloud, when before they were unknown or hidden” – Ms. Darnelle Forbes, grade 5 teacher at Columbus Primary.


Super Me! has grown its presence in The Bahamas, and is now being applied in all 24 government primary schools including: Columbus Primary, Albury Sayle, Centreville Primary, Uriah MacPhee, Claridge Primary, Sadie Curtis Primary, Gerald Cash, as well as schools in the Family Islands. It has been implemented directly into the schools’ curriculum. Additionally, a special needs Super Me! unit will be working with Our Lady and Stapleton on Saturday January 17th to train teachers in the Super Me! system. Starting next week, Super Special Me! will be supporting special needs students in all 24 government schools in New Providence.


This week, starting Monday January 12th to Friday January 16th, it is Super Me! week. Founders Cori Ashley and Kevin Ferguson along with Dr. Willard Barr, Chairman of Character Education and Director of Planning at the Ministry of Education, Zoe Powell, Chief Officer of all Guidance Counselors for The Bahamas, District Superintendents and The Honorable Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Jerome Fitzgerald, will visit schools to share in the Super Me! program experience and successes.
Super Me! program creating super kids


All- In – Super Me! Dance at 11:45 am Friday January 16th.

All students, educators and everyone do the Super Me! Dance together in unity on Friday at 11:45 am.
Please video tape your school and send it to: support@supermeprograms.com

Dance Instruction and FREE song download at: https://supermeprograms.com/students/super-me-song-and-dance/

Everyone come out and dance to celebrate how Super We Are!

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