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Who We Are

A group of best friends sit at a dinner table discussing our day, our work, our lives. Whether fate or fortune played a hand in bringing our creative hearts together, our diverse group consisted of an internationally acclaimed composer and empowerment facilitator, a family therapist and manager of a children’s help phone line, a naturopathic doctor and wellness expert as well as an extensively trained educator who spends most of her teaching time outside the preverbal box. 

As we shared our experiences, we discovered a common thread running through many aspects of our conversations. We came to call this energy “The Disconnect”. People, especially children, experiencing a disconnection from themselves and each other – often intensified by the struggle to cope learning differences, social challenges and the high speed of this now somewhat internet-based life. 

Each of us at the table could offer various options from our fields of expertise, yet, it was when we combined and connected our ideas together, that our solutions became both innovative and powerful. And so was born, “Global Shifts”. Our help organization to assist people, especially children, to live, love and learn with ease and excitement.

What We Do

Super Me! Programs are Universal Character Building programs focused on offering children a safe and effective place to succeed simply be being themselves. Our engaging programs are built upon a foundation of original interactive processes, creative games, activities and award-winning music – carefully engineered to result in a guaranteed success for the child each step of the way. 

Super Me! Children find EMPOWERMENT as they recognize and use their own natural abilities or “Super Powers” to solve problems, meet challenges, and enjoy academic, social and personal success. Their successes transform how they view themselves and others leading the way to positive shifts in their attitude and behavior. 

From the very first 15 minute Super Me! interactive experience, children begin to transform. Each and every process, game, story or experience with Super Me! creates a guaranteed positive response and result. Each offers children the opportunity to know that they can do things beyond what they think they can, and it requires only that they be themselves to do it. 

Their new found confidence and abilities carry over into their social and academic willingness to try – and ultimately succeed. They have a visceral experience that they are truly a “Super Me!” and have ”Super Powers” to cope with this world.

How We Do It

We have come to think that a lifetime of experience, even a young person’s lifetime, takes months or years to change. That’s not always true and The Science Behind Super Me! proves it. 

Everything a child experiences creates efficient little storage units in their brain called “Information Pathways”. The type of experience will determine whether they create a Negative Path or a Positive Path. Positive Paths translate into supportive thoughts, feelings and actions that can guide that child to their success. 

The more Positive Paths we create, the more resources that child has to overcome obstacles, fears and unsupportive patterns. Super Me! programs instantly and consistently produce positive experiences—which create these essential Positive Pathways. So we quickly see children expressing joy, confidence, excitement, conflict-resolution, connection, acceptance, and more. With in the program, we see children discovering and developing the use of their “Super Powers”. 

These powers serve as a consistent and continual support system for the creation and anchoring of these essential and effective Positive Pathways. They literally re-wire children’s brains for success.

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