All About Super Me!

We created our Super Me! Empowerment programs to re-connect our children with themselves and with others. To support their rise in self-esteem, succeed using their natural abilities and have a ton of fun discovering just how Super they are!”

How does it work?

Super Me! is based on the principle that awareness is transformative. Once we receive information about ourselves and experience the results of our actions, we are never the same as we were before this knowledge. The key is to deliver information that transforms us to the positive.

Super Me! programs provide innovative, practical, interactive exercises that create the experience of success. All these activities are created upon the rock solid foundation of our inherent abilities to love, learn, connect, communicate and, when self-motivated appropriately, to succeed.

Why does it work?

As each child begins to recognize their Super Me! experiences as accomplishments, neural connections in their brains collect this positive information and files it as their successes. These constant reinforcements of success replace their existing less-than-supportive self-beliefs and transform behavior.

The activities children participate in throughout the program provide tangible and undeniable experience that their lives matter. That realization becomes their own personal reference point for making informed and more effective choices on all levels.

Our unique and original programs incorporate creativity, fun, music and discovery that cause children to want to participate. In the process they learn and retain essential life-lessons.

Super Me!’s information and experiences carry an essential message:
What you put out is what you create more of. We call this the ripple effect.

What Super Me! ripples out is our vision for a positive shift in the world.

We create our empowerment programs for children and those who guide and care for them—teachers, parents, care givers and school administrators—so these children are supported at every turn in transforming and being the positive shift we all are looking for.

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