“Empowering Kids”  is a ground-breaking program developed especially for parents, educators, and counselors, to help children discover they already have all they need to succeed.

The Four Powerful Steps to Empowering

Connecting Kids


Establishing a positive, trusting and fun connection with children.

To explore each individual child’s unique way of learning and communicating, helps to form a positive connection and understanding between you.

The Connecting section of this program provides you with a series of interactive and engaging games and processes to create a positive and confident connection between you and the child.

Discovering Kids


Discover what children are trying to tell you through their behaviors.

Our Discovery System implements a series of questions and statements to help you effectively discern a child’s individual Thinking Path — or the unique ways in which a child processes information and ideas.

In this system, we use Gems to help identify various behaviors. Each one of our eleven Gems represents a different group of actions, reactions and possible approaches to various situations. An individual tracking sheet of each Child’s Gem totals, acts as your go-to and continued reference — guiding you to specific solutions and options offered in the next sections of the program.


A virtual “Treasure Box” of Solutions to ease your path.

Our Enlightening section includes a virtual ‘Treasure Box’ of easy and effective solutions, options and alternatives created to manage the various challenges each Gem may encounter on a daily basis. Whether struggling with staying on task, recalling information during a test, cleaning their room, or even resolving problems with friends, you will find different and diverse solutions in the ‘Treasure Box’ to manage the challenge at hand.

Our Enlightening solutions and options heighten your collective abilities to equip a child with the tools they need to self-regulate and ultimately build a solid foundation for a successful future.


Activating a child’s willingness to participate and learn.

Empowering engages children to participate and learn through a collection of our educational Super Me! at School interactive games, activities and thought processes.

In this section, our Empowering activities work to heighten a child’s abilities to communicate, expand their imaginations, and build upon their creativity. Each positive experience increases a child’s empowerment to overcome any academic, social and emotional challenges they face on a daily basis.

Whether a parent, educator or counselor, Empowering Kids is an essential and entertaining ‘call to action’ that results in ‘super-charging’ a child’s confidence and inner-knowing they already have all they need to succeed.

Empowering Kids Extras

Things to make life easier and waaaay more fun!

Empowering - Quick Fixes

Quick Fixes

Quick Fixes are a series of resources to make life easier and way more fun! From graphic organizers to preferred apps, this section supports each aspect of a child’s Thinking Path.
Care for Those Who Care

Care for Those Who Care

For those who educate, guide, and raise children, we understand. Care for Those Who Care provides you with stress relieving, rejuvenating processes and music to take care of you. As we like to say… “You can’t give a drink from an empty cup.

Empowering Kids Program

Are you ready to unlock a child’s greatness?