“Empowering Leadership”  is a program designed to guide, support, and inspire those taking a leadership role in business, teamwork, and group success!

The Four Powerful Steps to Empowering


Connecting the idea that people think and process information differently.

The process of Connecting is your first step towards Empowering each job, project, vision, and team member to achieve success on all levels. It’s about engaging with the idea that people learn, communicate, and process information differently.

In this section, interactive processes help you gain essential insights about yourself — and those you interact with. This new awareness builds a foundation for a more inspired and productive work environment.



Discover what people are trying to tell you through their thoughts, actions and reactions.

Our innovative Discovery System helps you to quickly identify personal strengths and traits through a series of questions and statements. The results reveal your individual Thinking Path — or the unique way in which you process information and ideas.

In this system, we use Gems to help identify behaviors. Each one of our eleven Gems represents a group of actions, reactions and approaches to various situations. A tracking sheet of your Gem totals acts as your go-to and continued reference — guiding you to specific solutions and options offered in the next sections of the program.



Empowering the road to success with a “Treasure Box” of options and solutions.

Once you are aware of your individual Thinking Path, you can optimize your Leadership with a virtual Treasure Box of easy and effective options, alternatives and solutions for different types of ‘thinkers’. Each page in the Treasure Box is geared directly towards individual Gems, and offers solutions towards their respective obstacles and challenges.

The process of Empowering heightens your Leadership abilities to tackle and resolve many of the obstacles and possible roadblocks to your success.



Enlightening and inspiring your road to success.

Our Enlightening section includes a collection of original, interactive activities and some Outside the box thinking processes, to expand and empower your Leadership skills even further.

Enlightening processes work to focus and utilize individual Thinking Paths — ultimately supporting your ability to organize, motivate, and ‘super charge’ your Empowered Leadership.

What’s in my Empowering Leadership Package?

This innovative approach to Empowering Your Leadership Success includes:

  • Interactive Introduction to the concept of how individual people think, communicate, and process information and ideas differently.
  • Our innovative “Discovery System” reveals each person’s unique “Thinking Path” – heightening the communication and connection skills that empowers the road to success on all levels.
  • A virtual “Treasure Box” of expert options, approaches, and solutions becomes your ultimate tool for effective guidance and positive reinforcement.
  • Award-winning original Music creates a wide variety optimal environments for energies, work, focusing the mind, and achieving goals.
  • Quick Fixes” features quick reference solutions that make life easier (and more fun!).
  • Care for those who Care” – As we like to say…”You can’t give a drink from an empty cup!” – and this section fills your energy and path to the brim with solutions and approaches for daily STRESS RELIEF!
  • A GIFT! You will receive an invitation to our exclusive “LIVE” (virtual) session with program founder Cori Ashley and her team of experts.
  • Newsletters, discounts on all new programs, and so much more!

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Empowering Leadership Program

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