“Empowering Students” is an innovative program created to assist you, the student, in discovering your own unique “Thinking Path” — or individual method of thinking and processing information.

What’s in my Empowering Students Package?

This innovative approach to Student’s Empowerment (ages 13 and up to post graduates) includes:

  • Interactive Introduction to the concept of how people think and process information and ideas differently.
  • Our innovative “Discovery System” reveals your unique and individual “Thinking Path” — and how to navigate this knowledge to reach your success!
  • A virtual “Treasure Box” of expert options, approaches, and solutions for all different types of challenges and all different types of “Thinking Paths.”
  • Award-winning original Music creates a wide variety optimal environments for energies, studying, focusing the mind, and achieving your goals.
  • Quick Fixes” features quick reference solutions that make life easier (and more fun!).
  • Care for those who Care” – As we like to say…”You can’t give a drink from an empty cup!” – and this section fills your energy and path to the brim with solutions and approaches for daily STRESS RELIEF!
  • A GIFT! Your will receive an invitation to our exclusive “LIVE(virtual) session with program founder Cori Ashley and her team of experts.
  • Newsletters, discounts on all new programs, and so much more!
Empowering Students Program

Are you ready to unlock your natural Learning abilities with Empowering Students ?