How Super Me! Program All Started | Letter from the Founder

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If you are a “creative person” — you may find that you think, function and even see the world slightly differently than others around you.

Cori Ashley: a passionate songwriter, multiple SOCAN award-winner, Telly award-winner and recipient of countless other recognitions for the music she and her partner write for television and film, understands.

Like you, she is a creative soul – and quickly discovered throughout her school, work and life experience that her brand of thinking and processing information seemed different than those around her.

“How is it that I struggled with math at school, need a GPS to find the mall, forget what I was supposed to buy at the grocery store, but, I can write you a symphony by morning, keep track of multiple vocal tracks during a recording session — and if you sing me a melody, without hesitation, I’ll sing it back to you?”

It was these puzzles and more that peaked her interest in behavioral science and self-empowerment, yet it was when her daughter began experiencing these same patterns in school and in life that Cori was inspired to really dig in and get to the bottom of all of this.

Her discovery? What Never mistake processing for intelligence.
We all think and process information differently.

Cori: “I coined the term ‘The Creative Thinker’ in honor of all of us that use a variety of (sometimes outside the box) solutions, options, and alternatives to get the job done! Being creative means to be interpretive, but apparently that doesn’t go over well in math class.

For ‘Creative Thinkers,’ the challenges and difficulties can sometimes arise when our brand of thinking does not line up with the methods and thought processes offered at school, work, home…and well…life.

As a result, many of us ‘creative types’ may be perceived as ‘incapable’ in certain areas – yet this is far from the truth.

I was given the opportunity to study and work with some of the most brilliant psychologists, therapists and educators who excelled in the areas of thinking and processing information.

One by one they affirmed my discoveries.

The different ways people think and process information may be likened to fingerprints. No two are exactly the same — so we really need to stay open to the idea of considering more than one approach to accommodate us all.

It became evident just how many people could benefit (one way or another) from this powerful and potentially life-relieving resource, so we created: ‘Super Empowerment!’ — creative solutions to bring out the best in all of us.

The program offers an innovative way to discover how each of us individually thinks, learns and functions best — and provides a veritable ‘Treasure Box’ of quick, easy and effective solutions and strategies to achieve success on all levels.

The results help you to reach new heights in communication, connection, resolving challenges — and especially celebrating the freedom to be the ‘Creative Thinker’ you really are.”

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