Super Me! At School – Program Packages

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Your Super Me! Program Package includes the following:

  • Super Me! at School Teacher’s Guide
  • Muz! – Original Music Download Collection to Optimize Learning Environments
  • Comprehensive Website Support System & Student Fun!
  • Registration for 2 Teachers
  • Registration for 1 class – up to 35 Students
  • 1 Year renewable license for your program

Super Me! Program Features:

  • Empowerment Processes
  • Interactive Games & Activities
  • Class Chats
  • Original Stories & Music Processes
  • Super Power Positivity Posters
  • The Complete “Micfixit Magic”- Storybook

Comprehensive Website Support System

  • Care For Those Who Care – Educator Stress Relief Program & Guide
  • Super Me! Program Advanced Resources
  • Additional Interactive Processes
  • Student Fun and Activity Zone!
  • “Super Me! News” monthly support newsletters
  • Advance Access and Discounts on New Products, Books, Resources and Workshops.

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Choose The Super Me! Package That Is Best Suited For You?

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